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The Docket: Northeastern’s new justice reporting lab

Graduate students at the Northeastern University School of Journalism are getting ready to launch a media platform they hope will attract students, faculty, and community members for years to come: a new website called the Docket. Advertisements

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More high-profile shootings keep Chicago’s reputation intact

While Chicago’s homicides are still [barely] stacking up at a slower pace than the craziness of 2016, events this past week have confirmed that even if theumbers are down, the overall problem is still rampant throughout the city – and … Continue reading

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Final project outline

For my final project, I want to take a look at homicides in a major city. Since travel and interviews in Chicago wouldn’t really work out, I’m thinking of checking in with people in Boston on the same issue. While … Continue reading

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Tribune: Violence still has “no tipping point”

Even with Chicago’s violent 2017 continuing its dishearteningly deadly start, the city was recently dealt a new level of tragedy to dwell on. Only halfway through February there have been at least 437 shootings that have left more than 80 … Continue reading

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Analyzing HeyJackass!

There are a variety of sites and sources for keeping up with Chicago’s violence, and one that I think does a good job with the statistics is HeyJackass! The site, whose subhead is “Illustrating Chicago Values,” compiles data from Chicago … Continue reading

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29 shot in 24 hours

Retired carpenter erects 40 crosses in Englewood lot for each shooting victim so far in 2017 @WGNNews pic.twitter.com/AF4g5SYaaB — Dana Rebik (@DanaRebikWGN) January 23, 2017 Coming off the heels of Chicago’s most deadly year since 1996 (783 dead and 4,368 … Continue reading

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