Final project outline

For my final project, I want to take a look at homicides in a major city. Since travel and interviews in Chicago wouldn’t really work out, I’m thinking of checking in with people in Boston on the same issue. While not nearly as statistically deadly as Chicago, Boston still has its share of violent crime and experts who can speak to it. Continue reading

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Is policing heading in the right direction?


Chicago Police officers stand on a street. Photo credit: TheeErin

A recent article from The Economist highlights many of the most important points in the Chicago murder rate debate, some of which have been made on this blog. One of the biggest ideas presented in that piece is the statistic that only around one-fourth (26 percent) of murders in the city resulted in an arrest in 2016, down 10 percentage points from 2015. So murders increase, police “results” decrease. Continue reading

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“City of Presidents” celebrates President’s Day


The new Quincy City Hall building on the Hancock-Adams Green. Photo credit: John Phelan

For the first time ever, Quincy, Mass. – the so-called City of Presidents that was home to John and John Quincy Adams – hosted a fair to honor its famed former executives, and to promote the renewed city center developing around the new City Hall and Hancock-Adams Green. Residents and visitors alike enjoyed refreshments, entertainment, historical tours, and fun for kids on the brisk February holiday:

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Urban violence is spiking across America, not just in Chicago


The Chicago River at night. Photo credit: Robert S. Donovan

While the recent rise in Chicago’s violence has been the main topic of this blog, it’s far from the only American city that has seen spikes in crime over the past several years. The FBI has recently reported jumps in not only homicide, but other violent crime ranging from robbery to assault resulting in a 5.3 percent jump from 2015 to 2016 throughout that category of offenses. Continue reading

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Trump wants to stop ‘American carnage,’ but how?

Of the many wide-ranging issues President Donald Trump has spoken about, from the early days of his campaign to tweets from the Oval Office, rising violence in American urban centers is a prevalent talking point. Trump’s often dark and far-from-optimistic views on America was part of the brash messaging that bolstered his White House run, but now that he’s there the time for talk is over. Continue reading

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2017 outpacing last year’s deadly rate

Last week, I wrote about the tough tragedies that hit Chicago over the span of two days and concluded with some frustrations and options on how the community can react to stem the problems. This week, CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson expressed some issues with the legislative process that has delayed laws that would affect repeat gun offenders in the city –  a population that is likely to repeat their criminal actions.

They’re not new to us,” Johnson said according to the Chicago Tribune. Continue reading

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Tribune: Violence still has “no tipping point”


Left to right: Kanari Gentry-Bowers, Lavontay White Jr., and Takiya Holmes. From family photos, published by the Chicago Tribune.

Even with Chicago’s violent 2017 continuing its dishearteningly deadly start, the city was recently dealt a new level of tragedy to dwell on. Only halfway through February there have been at least 437 shootings that have left more than 80 dead, and over the course of just two days this past week three children were killed by gunfire as well.

Continue reading

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