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The Docket: Northeastern’s new justice reporting lab

Graduate students at the Northeastern University School of Journalism are getting ready to launch a media platform they hope will attract students, faculty, and community members for years to come: a new website called the Docket. Advertisements

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Where Chicago’s going in 2017, and beyond

So far in 2017, Chicago has seen 165 homicides and 865 shootings which, while down slightly from last year, are still very disturbing numbers. I’ve kept track of the statistics and tried to highlight some individual cases and possible solutions over … Continue reading

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More high-profile shootings keep Chicago’s reputation intact

While Chicago’s homicides are still [barely] stacking up at a slower pace than the craziness of 2016, events this past week have confirmed that even if theumbers are down, the overall problem is still rampant throughout the city – and … Continue reading

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Focusing on the kids

The adults of Chicago have proven over the past decade that solving the homicide problem is a complicated matter, and that they may not be capable of ever reaching a solution. The police are still working on reforming their culture, … Continue reading

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Three months in, 2017 outlook still grim

One quarter of the way through 2017, Chicago’s murder and shooting rates are slowing down. Last year was record-breaking in all the wrong ways for the city’s violent crime statistics, and through today homicide is down around nine percent and … Continue reading

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Render Coffee in review

Located around the corner from the Mass. Ave. Orange Line T station, Render Coffee is a solid, small-scale coffee shop in Boston’s South End. Render features a menu offering your typical coffee shop drinks, including both drip and pour-over coffees … Continue reading

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Chicago’s bad habit of being a negative outlier

Last week, I wrote about some of the trends in the CPD’s policing and the room for improvement there. The system isn’t perfect, not even close, and problems in any community will build up in situations like that. Chicago’s biggest … Continue reading

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