Final project outline

For my final project, I want to take a look at homicides in a major city. Since travel and interviews in Chicago wouldn’t really work out, I’m thinking of checking in with people in Boston on the same issue. While not nearly as statistically deadly as Chicago, Boston still has its share of violent crime and experts who can speak to it.

My main text story will take a look at how Boston handles its homicide problem. I can research the murder rate here and compare it to Chicago’s rising one, and I plan to ask different people how the city deals with killings and plans to solve the issue. I was thinking I could get academic experts from Northeastern or another school’s criminal justice department to talk about the city’s successes or failures, and how it compares. I also hope to speak to someone with BPD, although I’m not sure how likely that could be. And I want to speak with a community leader or representative of a neighborhood-level anti-violence group and see what they think the situation is in the city. I was thinking of basing my slideshow around the sites of homicides in 2017 to show what kind of places they happen, and possibly mapping the locations as well. And for the video, I would incorporate the same interviews with experts from the text, along with shots of the city.

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