2017 outpacing last year’s deadly rate

Last week, I wrote about the tough tragedies that hit Chicago over the span of two days and concluded with some frustrations and options on how the community can react to stem the problems. This week, CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson expressed some issues with the legislative process that has delayed laws that would affect repeat gun offenders in the city –  a population that is likely to repeat their criminal actions.

They’re not new to us,” Johnson said according to the Chicago Tribune.

While lawmakers move forward on helping the police crack down on offenders, the CPD this week also conducted overnight gun raids resulting in over 80 arrests, most of which were convicted felons. While the move takes some “bad guys” off the streets, tougher enforcement year-round and the passage of relevant laws will be the real solution to the gun problem. Getting young people growing up around the guns the help and support they need will also help.

Despite those efforts to work on the civic violence, the issue is still persisting in the present and garnering national attention. Through January and February, there has been one more homicide in 2017 than last year – 103 to 102, per Chicago Tribune statistics – while overall shootings are up. That’s not great, and it shows that city leaders and communities are still struggling with the same problems they did when the upswing in deadly violence started around a year ago, and that practical changes have yet to be implemented. Hopefully Superintendent Johnson can move forward with his department in his second year at its head, and politicians can see that this problem won’t just go away.

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