An afternoon in Boston

My Twitter coverage of an “event” was more a personal log of my walk from the South End to downtown this afternoon after class, and while I didn’t capture anything extremely interesting going on today I still got some nice views of the city on a chilly Groundhog Day.

My trip started on Massachusetts Avenue, looking downtown toward where I was headed:

And further down the Southwest Corridor park:

I’m not sure if this news helicopter was catching anything breaking, or just the daily traffic, but it was hovering above the South End for most of my walk near there:


It’s been a mild winter, but I hope the groundhog was wrong and we don’t get six more weeks… Summer can come as soon as it likes

I ended up missing out on covering anything specific, but live tweeting this walk still gives a decent overview of the look of the city this afternoon and I would have been able to share any relevant happenings if something was going on. Minus the excessive Patriots pride on display (I’m not a New England sports fan…) photographing and filming mostly normal aspects of Boston was an interesting use of Twitter that I wouldn’t normally think of. As far as Twitter coverage in journalism in general, I see it as a pretty useful tool for on-the-spot reporting and reactions with positives that go about as far as Twitter users can take it. One downside is that not everyone on the platform is necessarily capable or kind, and information can be skewed in the heat of an event, but with a little care it’s a pretty good reporting and communication tool.

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